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700 March Road
(at Terry Fox Dr.), Kanata

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Phone: (613) 599-5250

Committed to your successful rehabilitation so that you can get back to living your life.

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Our Services:

We start off each new client relationship with a consultation and examination so that we have a full understanding of their unique situation before determining the right treatment for their condition. All recovery programs are developed and supervised by our Registered Physiotherapists.
We are experienced at treating a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

  • Neck and spinal pain
  • Knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries
  • Neurological problems, including stroke, post-herpatic neuralgia, Bell's palsy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Myofascial conditions, including Fibromyalgia/fibrositis
  • Repetitive strain and sports injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfer's elbow, rotator cuff
  • Incontinence/pelvic floor weakness
  • Orthopaedic conditions and plantar’s warts
  • Fertility issues

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your specific situation. A referral or diagnosis from a physician is not necessary to begin rehabilitation with us (unless required for insurance coverage purposes).

We promise each and every client our full effort to facilitate a quick recovery. Most clients experience reduced pain or improved mobility early on in the treatment, but the speed and extent of progress will vary depending on the individual and the injury.